Get tough on repeat offenders Violence out of control

It was very shocking to read about six lives being lost.

Two of those were innocent people who happened to be at  the wrong place at wrong time.

More surprising is that the other four were very young between the ages of 19 and 22 and had a history of criminal records of drug dealings and weapons. All those four have been charged many times earlier for drugs and weapons.

We really have to question our justice system that lets such criminals get free so easily. Just about every day we read about repeat offenders involved in criminal activities like drug dealings, rapes, car thefts, etc.

Whenever such criminals are caught they are being given very light sentences and when they get out they are involved in the same criminal activities again.

Some of the criminal gangs encourage younger people to get involved in criminal activites for making easy money and if caught it’ll be just minor sentences and considered just a vacation and soon they get out and get involved in the  same  criminal activities again.

Our judges should get tough with these hardcore repeat offenders and give them longer and tougher sentences.

Our government should also pass legislation for longer and tougher sentences and confisicate all illegaly earned money.

Only then will we see some reduction in criminal activities and innocent lives saved.

 Kanwaljit Singh Gill


While the opposition parties in Ottawa continue to tiptoe-through-the-tulips of political  correctness, anxiously attempting to water down the government’s tougher crime legislation, gang violence in the killing fields of Greater Vancouver and elsewhere is spiralling out of control.

Emboldened by the revolving doors of a spineless ‘catch-and-release’ judicial system, the one certainty is that more people will continue to be shot and killed in Greater Vancouver and elsewhere with seeming impunity.

Ironically, the only real option is whether we prefer the deaths to be those of  gang members .... or of innocent victims like Edward J. Schellenberg and Chris Mohan.

Given a Canada-wide malaise of judicial impotence, sadly any other real options  do not exist at this time and, equally sadly, we will continue to read  stories in our  newspapers  about innocent bystanders being accidentally killed or intentionally  executed in gangland fashion ... with  the  perpetrators running unchecked and  undeterred.

E.W. Bopp


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