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Privatizing liquor sales an election issue

It seems the Gordon Campbell agenda of privatizing all profits and socializing costs is not a thing of the past, it would seem privatize at any cost is still alive and well in BC.

The Clark government obviously hasn’t learned any lessons on how to properly govern a democratic province and are once again about to make major changes to B.C. without a proper mandate from the voters of B.C.

The tens of millions of liquor board profits that usually go to social programs, etc. will instead go into the sweet smelling pockets of a chosen few fat cats.

You might ask who is going to make up all that money when liquor profits are privatized (any guesses) let’s us not forget, private businesses pay minimal taxes in B.C.

The harsh reality is that yet more workers will lose half their income and drop unceremoniously out of the middle class and the taxes from their reduced incomes will drop drastically also.

This money shall be made up one of three ways, first it will be taken from other cash cows such as ICBC or BC Hydro and guess who is going to pay more for these services as a result.

Don’t forget, the Liberals already siphoned off a billion dollars from ICBC last year to pay for their financial ineptitude, not counting all the extra taxes they got from the HST.

The second way will be to simply raise your income taxes.

The third way these shortfalls will be dealt with is simply by cutting social or other programs these profits go to support, period.

If you think that liquor will be cheaper when it is privatized better think again, the fact is that private liquor stores already pay 16 per cent less for their liquor than government liquor stores do and they pay their employes about one-half what government liquor store employees earn.

That is why that tip jar is on the counter because like all minimum wage jobs you the customer are expected to supplement their income, and I have yet to see anything cheaper in a private liquor store.

This like the HST is definitely an election issue and if the government insists on doing it an election should be called to get a proper mandate from the people of BC.


Wayne Clark

Maple Ridge

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