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Students lobby for rhinos

Spurred by a school in South Africa, Grade 6 students at Woodward Hill Elementary are learning about the endangered status of the rhinoceros. -
Spurred by a school in South Africa, Grade 6 students at Woodward Hill Elementary are learning about the endangered status of the rhinoceros.
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I am a student at Woodward Hill Elementary and our class is raising awareness about the extinction of rhinos.

Rhinos are being extinct because of poachers.

Poachers try to get their horns for medicine and money. The cost of one rhino horn is about $1 million.

Did you know that there are only fewer than 50 Javan rhinos in the world?

The Vietnamese Javan rhinos are already extinct. There are fewer than 200 Sumatran rhinos. The Borneo rhino has about 30 in the world.

The northern white rhinos only have seven individuals in the world. There are only 20,600 Southern white rhinos and 4,860 black rhinos left.

Please help save the rhinos.

Shereen Tsang


Our class has been helping this school in Africa raise awareness about the extinction of rhinos.

Did you know that there are fewer rhinos each month? If we don’t do anything now, sooner or later there won’t be any left!

Can you believe that from millions and millions of each kind, there are only a few left?

Poachers are killing these magnificent creatures for their horns, which are being used as medicine and plus they are worth millions. But that needs to stop!

All the kids in Africa really love and care for these animals, and if we don’t do anything about it they’ll never be able to see them again.

Look at it this way: Just think someone you really care for and love being killed and you never get to see them again.

Isn’t that sad?

I would never want to see that happen.

If you don’t, then please stop the poachers and let these amazing animals live there life without fear of dying.

So please save the rhinos!

Kiran Aujla


Northern white rhinos are in danger because of their horns. They are being poached for their keratin.

These large mammals can weigh more than 3,500 kg (7,700 lbs.) Northern white rhinos are considered to be the second-largest land animal after the elephant. We need to take a stand and a difference and educate people to stop poaching. When I am older, I want to see rhinos.

Shaun Aylen


In South Africa, rhinos are becoming extinct because people think rhinos horns are medicines. But did you know rhinos horns are not medicine?

Please help save the rhinos.

Nadiyah Ali


Our class at Woodward Hill is learning about rhinos.

We’re learning about this because we heard it from a school in Cape Town, South Africa. When I saw the facts, I was shocked by the information. There are only seven species of rhinos left in the world. I just want to stop the poaching against rhinos for good because I want to be able to see the rhinos when I get older.

Matthew Bauer


Our class is learning about how rhinos are going extinct. The reason we are doing this is because of a school in Cape Town, South Africa called Elkanah House School, which introduced the problem to our teacher.

There were eight species of rhinos before 2009. Sadly, the Vietnamese Javan rhino became extinct in 2010. Now we only have seven species of rhinos. Some of them are the Javan rhinos.

This species is deeply endangered because there are only 50 of them left in the whole world.

The Sumatran rhino is a bit better with about 200 of them. We are making a effort to save these and all the other species.

Also thanks to wonderful people, the white rhino has over 20,000 of them! If you are wondering why they are going extinct, the reason is because of poachers cutting off the horns and leaving them to die.

Some humans think that it could be used in medicine. Did you know that some people would pay $1 million for it? We can make a difference and save them for generations to see!

Vinson Mach


Our class at Woodward Hill Elementary has been trying to raise awareness of rhinos. These are amazing creatures and we do not want them to go extinct.

In Cape Town, South Africa, there is a school called Elkanah House School. They are trying to save the rhinos by sending stuffed toys to different classrooms around the world .

The rhinos are being hunted for their horns.

We want to save the rhinos for the next generation. They are very dazzling creatures.

Raven Hipolito

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